HCUK Marketing Department

Hyundai Capital UK's marketing team is a talented and diverse group of individuals with experience gained across a variety of brands and sectors. The brand managers work closely with Hyundai and Kia to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer requirements profitably, coupled with a strong online presence that supports the customer purchase and post-sale journeys, all of which is underpinned by our regulatory commitments.

A day in the life of...


HCUK is an exciting place to be at the moment – it is growing and changing rapidly.”

What does a Kia Marketing Manager do at HCUK?

The main role of the Marketing Manager is to work really closely with Kia Motors UK to create an attractive vehicle offer. When a customer purchases a car on finance there are normally three separate business entities involved; Kia Motors, Kia Finance and the dealership – however a customer will only see 'Kia’. Therefore it is really important that everyone works very closely together to monitor the market, plan, create and implement a competitive campaign and evaluate the results – at the same time ensuring that we are fully compliant to all advertising and finance regulations!

What’s the best thing about working within the Marketing function?

Marketing is a great team to be part of! We tend to be spread across various locations with lots of different projects on the go, but there is always someone at the end of the phone if you get stuck or need some inspiration. We try to all get together at least once a month to catch up and run through all of our key priorities.

Tell us about one of your favourite projects?

One of my latest projects has been to investigate how we can talk about finance via social media channels. Any advertising featuring finance information is carefully regulated by the FCA to ensure that all communications are ‘clear, fair and not misleading’. However as social media is constantly evolving it can be a bit of a minefield to get right – I think we can be confident now that we have got a clear approach.

What do you like most about working at HCUK?

HCUK is an exciting place to be at the moment – it is growing and changing rapidly so there is loads to learn and get involved with. It is easy to feel that you are making a valuable contribution to a shared goal and that your contribution is appreciated.


We’ve got a good team of talented people who work hard to make things happen.”

What does a Marketing Director do at HCUK?

My role at HCUK is twofold, firstly to lead the marketing function in terms of setting the strategy & direction and then supporting to ensure the team follow that through into tactical execution & delivery. Secondly to play as part of the wider Senior Management Team, to whom the operational management of the business is delegated from the shareholders of the business.

What's the best thing about working within the Marketing function?

The sheer diversity of things we get involved in. For marketers the automotive industry is a really exciting sector at the moment, changes in consumer behaviour as a result of digital technology are really starting to have an impact and challenge the traditional models at an unprecedented pace. As the internal ‘voice’ of the customer we’re constantly looking at what consumers now expect and what that means for their car buying journey. As a result there are some exciting and varied projects we get to work on – Hyundai’s Click-to-Buy is a good example.

Tell us about one of your favourite projects?

There’s so many, but winning Motor Finance ‘Captive Finance Company of the Year 2017’ in Frankfurt was special. It was a great exercise to pull together the ‘story’ of HCUKs growth over the last five years – both the tangible business results, plus the intangible growth of a business that started with just a handful of people in 2012. Weaving this into an awards submission left me in no doubt we had a strong proposition for the judges. Thankfully they agreed too and HCUK was not only shortlisted but won the overall category. It’s a nice project as it recognises the hard work, contribution and achievement of everyone in the business over the last few years.

What do you like most about working at HCUK?

Easy – working with great people. We’ve got a good team of talented people who work hard to make things happen. All the growth & success is a result of that. A big part of my role is supporting & developing them to help them be the best they can be.

Careers in Marketing

The Automotive industry is going through its most significant period of change and this makes it an exciting time to have a career in marketing. The whole industry is evolving, driven by a combination of technology and changing customer habits. Hyundai Capital UK are responding with a range of innovative projects to support and drive these changes and maintain our market leading position.

Skills needed in marketing

  • Creativity and expression
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Influencing and negotiation skills
  • Analytical knowledge
  • Ability to organise and plan

Current Vacancies

CRM & Retention Manager – Hyundai Finance
Reigate, Surrey Full Time Posted 21 days ago