HCUK Risk Department

The department is split into 3 core areas:

Wholesale Risk - providing our franchised dealer network with a specialist and focused underwriting and Credit Risk management service

Retail Risk - ensuring we provide credit to retail customers with a responsible and quick credit decision

Residual Value Risk - setting, monitoring and managing the residual values and minimum future values used in our retail products that allow for a large final payment

A day in the life of...


There is a never-ending opportunity to learn new things and develop your skills in this role.”

What does a Wholesale Credit Analyst do at HCUK?

Our role is to work alongside our manufacturer partners to provide appropriate levels of wholesale funding to new and existing dealers. We analyse, consider and wherever possible mitigate the risks of lending to each dealer, as well as ensuring we manage, monitor and review our portfolio on a regular basis.

What’s the best thing about working within the Risk function?

There is a never-ending opportunity to learn new things and develop your skills in this role. One of the most interesting perks is getting to know our dealers and building relationships with our manufacturer partners, through regular correspondence and face-to-face meetings, and conducting in-depth research as part of the dealer reviews.

Tell us about one of your favourite projects?

There are many project opportunities in this department, as we are always looking to find ways to improve the way we monitor, review and report. One of our biggest projects is to completely re-structure the way we rate the risk of our dealers, which has so far involved brainstorming internally as well as with Santander Consumer UK & Santander Germany to extract data from multiple sources, refine parameters, define weightings and test outcomes. This is an exciting project as it will significantly impact and improve the way we manage our dealer portfolio, and for me personally, it has given me the opportunity to utilise and develop my Excel and VBA skills in creating a centralised database.

What do you like most about working at HCUK?

HCUK is a growing company which manages to retain all the perks of a small company atmosphere through encouraging a corporate culture of communication, collaboration, respect, ownership and actively playing a part to achieve the company's common goals. This creates a feeling of community which in turn creates a happier work environment.

Careers in Risk

In a fluctuating market that has seen unprecedented growth, and an economy that is projected to slow due to post-Brexit uncertainty, effective Risk management has become a key pillar for sustainability in the UK market. A role in this department will equip you with a broad knowledge of industry processes and allow you to be actively involved in the strategic direction of a business.

About our department
The Risk department is responsible for all credit risks within Hyundai Capital UK, in addition it has an oversight and review role with regards to Conduct and Operational Risk.

Hyundai Capital UK's Risk team are attentive, inquisitive, and benefit from engagement with multiple key stakeholders, notably our joint venture partners.

Skills in Risk Managment

  • Technical and business acumen
  • Commercial awareness
  • Negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Effective time management
  • The ability to understand broad business issues

Current Vacancies

There are currently no new vacancies in this department.

If you are still interested in working for Hyundai Capital, please send us your CV and details of the type of work you are looking for to careers@hyundaicapital.co.uk